JO H2O 5.25oz Water Based Vanilla Cream Flavored Lube
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JO H2O 5.25oz Water Based Vanilla Cream Flavored Lube

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Vanilla Cream Flavored System JO H2O Water Based Lubricant will add spice to your sensual experience.

JO Flavored is the only flavored lubricant that feels silky smooth like silicone.

Similar in feel and viscosity, yet contains NO oil, wax or silicone.  JO H2O is long lasting and washes off easily with water. A silky smooth feeling, never sticky or tacky and oh so tasty.

JO H2O is 100% latex safe and manufactured under  strict U.S FDA guidelines. It enhances your sense of pleasure like no other water-based lubricant.

  • Silky Smooth Non Oily
  • Long Lasting
  • Similar in Feel to JO Silicone but without any Silicone
  • Easily washes away
  • Safe to use with Silicone Toys
  • Latex compatible

Ingredients: Flavor, Purified Water, Proypl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Sodium Carboxy, Methyl Cellulose, Glycerine,


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