Multi Dimensional 20" Ribbed/Barrel  MULTI SOLID RTS
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Multi Dimensional 20" Ribbed/Barrel MULTI SOLID RTS

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  The overall length of this piece is approximately 20", allowing approximately 18” of insertable length to the flared base flange. The smooth rounded tip diameter starts at 0.75" and tapers up to a full 2”.  There are 13 tapering ribs or barrel segments following the tip that vary in length and begin with a 2.1” diameter rib and tapers up to a maximum 2.4” diameter at the final rib or barrel segment proximal to the flared base flange.  The 13 valleys or grooves that accompany the rib segments are all approximately 2+” in diameter and will produce a very sensational enema experience.  The final retaining valley is approximately 1.8” in diameter just before the flared 2.25” safety base flange. 


This item was poureed in a mix of colors and densities as shown and described below, but there is nothing to prevent the item from functioning as intended. 

Length 20"


Max Diameter 2.25"  


SOLID, No Open Bore



Density-This item starts at the tip w/ 5" of #18 (Mildly Firm) and changes to 6" of #00-50 (Plus Soft) followed by 5.5" #40 (Firm) and ends with about 4.5" of #10 (Soft) flange.


ALL measurements and densities are approximate.


 For more detailed product information, please see item description here

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