Urethral Chastity Silicone Insert, Urethral Chastity Sound, Chastity Cage Insert
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RTS-SSND-8-9mm (24-27 French) 3.5” Urethral Chastity Insert

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This short flexible silicone insert was created for use with a urethral chastity device, or as a small contoured urethral plug.   Our quality Platinum Cure Silicone makes this model a very comfortable, smooth, wearable appliance that can be configured with most male chastity cages, or be worn alone as a short urethral plug.

This SPECIFIC PRODUCT LISTING is described as follows:

Item:  SSND-Chastity 8-9mm

Color:  Blue

Firmness:  Durometer 30-"Firm"

Bore/Core:  None/Solid

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There are no flaws or defects with this appliance.  It was produced as a "first run" mold pour.

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