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Wow, Christmas is just around the corner now. What a busy year we've had and looking forward to new specialized products for 2018. The new balloon nozzles sales are doing great and we are anxious to hear some feedback and reviews on the new design and function. We are still a little undermanned in production and the guys are doing a great job at trying to keep up with demand. We sincerely hope you will continue to bear with us while we strive to refine our production techniques of the new balloon nozzles. We will get your orders out as quickly as we can. Thank you again for your loyalty and patience. Looking forward to Christmas and hope all of you are doing the same.




The new single balloon nozzles are available for purchase. It currently takes us approximately 4 to 5 days to make these nozzles, so you should normally have a one week wait time after placing your order. Remember, these are made completely by hand in our own production facility so we maintain complete control over product quality and integrity. The demand is currently pretty high and we are experiencing high sales volumes due to the new nature of the product. Thank you so much for your enduring patience in waiting for this new product and we hope you find them to be the best balloon nozzles you have ever used. More unique designs will be forth coming in this new product category so check back often for updates and new releases. The double balloon nozzle will be next in this line. We are looking forward to your feedback and reviews as soon as you have had time use and evaluate them. 

Single Smooth Balloon Inflatable Nozzle - SNGLBLNNZL-1SM


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 Our sample triangle set continues to be a great tool in giving you the ability to evaluate our silicone quality and softness options at an economical value. Click on the photo to go directly to the listing page and get your set today.

Triangle Sample

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    Model Y 2"- Larger Flared Bulb Tip Silicone Nozzle SSND-JWW4.1 12.25mm Short Stretching Silicone Sound 9mm to 14.5mm JWW7
    Model Y 2"- Larger Flared Bulb Tip Silicone NozzleSSND-JWW4.1 12.25mm Short Stretching Silicone SoundSSND-JWW7 14.5mm 43.5 Fr Short Stretching Silicone Sound

    We have had many requests for a larger model Y and we now have a brand new 2’’ ball diameter nozzle. We hope that this new size will be much more enjoyable for everyone. This great new nozzle starts with a tip diameter of...

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     Starting at:




    7-14mm DOUBLE EXPANSION Urethral Chastity Silicone Insert, Urethral Chastity Sound, Chastity Cage Insert
    SSND 7-14mm Double Expansion Urethral SoundSSND-Dimpled 5-9.5mm (15-28.5 French) 4.25” Contoured Insert

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    Short Contoured Urethral Silicone Insert Starting at: 




    SNC Enema Bag