Silicone Enema Nozzle
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11” Multi-Contoured 1.5”Off-centered Plug TRANS/ BLU SOLID RTS

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  • Item #: OC #12/00-50TRANS/ BLU SOLID RTS
  • Condition: New
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Here is an "In Stock" Enma Nozzle that is ready to go!  It is a Trans/Blue Multi-contoured 11" plug, the blue portion was poured in a "Plus Soft" #00-50 mixture of our Platinum Silicone and the Trans portion was poured in a Semi Firm #12

The overall length of this piece is 11.75" inches with approximately 11" of insertable length to the flared base flange. The smooth contoured tip diameter is approximately 1" (25mm or 76 French) and is immediately followed by an accompanying valley or groove diameter of approximately 0.9” (23mm or 69 French).

There are six varying diameter flares following the tip and first valley or groove, some you may notice are slightly off-centered, with the 4th rib or contour in the center of the item having a maximum diameter of approximately 1.5” (38.1mm or 114 French).    The retaining valley just proximal to the flared safety base has a diameter of approximately 1” (25mm or 75 French). The flared safety base is approximately 2” in diameter and not intended for insertion.   



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