EZ-EM Large Volume Enema Bag Colon Tube Kit
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2.5 liter Enema Bag & 36" CT-63 Colon Tube Combo Set

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  • Item #: ENECMBO-63Fr.36"-EZ-EM 920/935
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This is our CT-63 French 36" colon tube combination starter set shown with the EZ-EM 2.5 liter (2500cc) Large Volume Enema bag.  The Set is the "Screw Cap" bag model.  This combo kit includes the sturdy heavy gauge vinyl bag that fills to2.6 quarts (2500cc or 2.5 liters) and includes our 63 French size 36" length colon tube in your choice of color, silicone firmness/comfort scale, and flange and tip styles for the colon tube only. The bag is constructed of heavy gauge transparent vinyl with 5 feet (152cm) of attached 5/16" (7.9mm)  lumen vinyl tubing and a plastic slide style flow regulator clamp.  The enema bag also comes with a plastic15.6mm (45 French) rigid enema tip that can be used optionally.  This combination of enema bag, tubing, clamp and connector all goes together perfectly with our CT-63 colon tube. The set also comes complete with a straight hose barb connector for attaching the colon tube to the tubing.

The colon tube in the photo is a "Red" 36" CT-63French with a 1.25" flange and "Tip A" (multi-ball) options.  You must select your enema bag style, colon tube color, flange, bore, and tip options from the drop down selectable options menu.   

This is a very nice system for high volume/implant enemas. With proper care and cleaning this combo kit will last for quite some time. With the included connectors the 36" colon tube can also be attached to any existing enema equipment you currently own.  

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