Natural Latex Tubing 1/2" OD
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5/16" I.D. 1/2" O.D. Amber Natural Latex Tubing

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This is our 5/16" inside diameter by 1/2" outside diameter Natural Latex tubing.  The latex smooth wall tubing  has a higher resistance to bacterial contamination and propagation. It works very well with all of our 5/16" tubing connector barbs and will accommodate 3/8" connector barbs as well. Known for its extreme flexibility and resiliency, latex is among the most flexible and elastic rubber materials in use today.

Latex natural rubber tubing has been used extensively in the health care industry for many years.  From there it has expanded into the food, toy, instrumentation, and sporting goods fields.   Latex also withstands repeated sterilization with either steam, Ethylene Oxide, or gamma radiation.  There are no added plasticizers, coagulants, or fillers to contaminate the product or cause tube hardening.

This tubing is sold by the foot. Just put the number of feet of tubing you would like to purchase in the Quantity Box and then add to your shopping cart. The amount will be automatically calculated for you. This tubing is easily cut with a pair of scissors or sharp knife so you can order the overall length you need and then cut it to your own specific length after you receive it. Some of the photos show how well it works with our 5/16" tubing connectors which are not included in the price of the tubing. You can purchase them separately in the quantities you desire.

**Please be cautious when ordering if you have a Latex allergy or sensitivity.  You may instead want to choose a Silicone or Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) type of tubing.

Thank you!

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