Thick Wall Platinum Cure 5/16" inside diameter by 1/2" outside diameter tubing
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5/16" I.D. 1/2" O.D. Platinum Silicone Tubing Med-X Thick Wall

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This is our new Thick Wall Platinum Cure 5/16" inside diameter by 1/2" outside diameter tubing. Ultra-Premium clear wall smooth silicone tubing that has a higher resistance to bacterial contamination and propagation. It works very well with all of our 5/16" tubing connector barbs and will accommodate 3/8" connector barbs as well. The thicker wall dimension reduces the occurrences of kinking.

This tubing is sold by the foot. Just put the number of feet of tubing you would like to purchase in the Quantity Box and then add to your shopping cart. The amount will be automatically calculated for you. This tubing is easily cut with a pair of scissors or sharp knife so you can order the overall length you need and then cut it to your own specific lengths after you receive it. Some of the photos show how well it works with our 5/16" tubing connectors which are not included in the price of the tubing. You can purchase them separately in the quantities you desire.?


SILCON MED-X tubing is made under strict accordance with Good Manufacturing Procedures and conforms to the bio-compatibility requirements of USP Class VI.


SILCON MED-X’s surface properties resist sticking and encrustation, and it will not support bacteria growth. The tubing is soft, pliable, and contains no plasticizers which could leach out, causing flow contamination or tube hardening. Other sizes and 50A durometer material are also available. Call for details.


SILCON MED-X is not recommended for implantable or in-body uses or for continuous steam applications.


Care is recommended in the selection and application of fittings and clamps as sharp barbed fittings or unlined metal clamps could tear into the wall.


If exposed to repeated steam sterilization or long-term high temperature or pressure, silicone will eventually relax and become gummy. It should then be replaced.



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