this is a e-book about enema use and play
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Abridged "THE BOTTOM LINE, Adventures in Erotic Enema Play"

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“The Bottom Line"

Adventures in Erotic Enema Play

The Basics

Abbridged Version


In our current culture, when most individuals hear the word enema, they don’t really have a good understanding of what the word really implies. They associate it, for the most part, with doctors, nurses and hospitals where they are primarily used to clean out the colon for Barium X-Ray studies or Colonoscopy procedures. Those of us that have been around since the 40’s and 50’s, have firsthand knowledge of the practice of enemas and their once practical use in everyday life. We were administered enemas mostly by our mothers as a preliminary remedy for just about everything that came along in the form of upset stomach, constipation of course and other maladies too numerous to list here. Quite literally enemas have been in use for thousands of years, as evidenced from the decoding of the Dead Sea Scrolls regarding the act of flushing the bowels for effective cleaning of the inner body.

There isn’t an abundance of available literature on enemas in general, let alone the topic of Erotic Enema Play. Only one other publication covers this subject matter and has been around since the 80’s, written by David Barton-Jay in “The Enema as an Erotic Art and Its History”, that adequately deals with the topic until now.

We are privileged to have been selected the primary release and distribution point for, “The Bottom Line, Adventures in Erotic Enema Play”, The Basics, by Ben Pattee. This is, without a doubt, the latest and we feel the most informative publication on the subject of the “Erotic Enema” and the Health Benefits of enemas in our daily lives, to be released in as many years.

Here is an excerpt from the foreword in the book, written by Carol Queen, PhD & Robert Lawrence who holds two PhD’s; “Ben Pattee is one of the rare masters of a subject that few are willing to discuss openly in this American culture. He has expansive personal experience, capabilities and technical knowledge of the subject of the clean colon. He has worked with nearly everyone from physicians to fisters. For me he is a go to person for any level of education about colon therapy or play”.

I haven’t had the privilege as yet of meeting Ben in person, however, we have talked at great length on the subject of the enema and its many related topics over the past three years while he has worked diligently putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece. In reading the book I’m delighted to add my endorsement of this fine work and recommend it to you, our dedicated customer base, and those of you who are new to our website, arriving in search of this enlightening and in depth publication. It contains a wealth of information in over 400 pages on not only enemas, but also the sexual human anatomy, enema recipes of all kinds, administration, health benefits and more. You will find it hard to put down.

The novel's initial release is being made available on this USB jump drive at a reduced rate, while the printed and bound publication will be released and available at a later date to be announced. Instructions for accessing the book on the USB drive will be included.

The USB drive is Windows PC and Apple Computer compatable.

Thank you.

Robert Knapp Jr.

Founder/Executive Managing Partner


(Table of Contents is shown as graphics files in the pictures above)

(Adult Disclaimer: This book is graphic in nature, both visually and literally. It should not be viewed or read by minors)

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