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  • Item #: SPDCON1.5 UNIQUERTS033
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This is another great piece being added to the one of a kind section.  This SPDCON 1.5'' is durometer #10 transitioning to #18 with no bore. 

Here is a 1.5 "diameter concave contoured version of the retention style nozzles (4" length).  It is also available in severaldifferent Shore A Durometer levels of softness. This nozzle has a 3.0" long concave tapered tip that is easily inserted with excellent retention properties.

The maximum diameter is 1.5'' and total insertable length is approximately 3". It starts off with a 1/2" rounded and tapered tip graduating up to its maximum 1.5" diameter and then reduces down to a 0.85" retaining valley in front of the 1.5" diameter safety retaining flange. 

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