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CRRT 0.5-2.0" Blu/W/Bla

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We have another great piece being added to the one of a kind section in the CRRT 2.0. This piece is durometer #10 with no bore.

Here is an easily insertable four-barrel, graduating diameter, retention style enema nozzle.  It is a medium sized appliance with four valleys adjacent to each larger barrel.   The overall length of this model is 7.25 inches allowing 6.5 inches for insertion. The specifications of each nozzle section are as follows:

The tip section is approximately 2-inches long and gradually tapers from 0.5-inches (12.5mm) to a maximum 1.2-inches (30.5mm).  The adjacent valley is approximately 1.0-inch (25.4mm) in diameter.

The second barrel is 1.5-inches long, slightly tapered, with a maximum diameter of 1.5-inches (38mm).  The adjacent valley is approximately 1.2-inches in diameter (30.5mm).

The third barrel is 2-inches long, slightly tapered, with a maximum diameter of approximately 1.7-inches (43.2mm).  The adjacent groove or valley is approximately 1.5-inches (38m) in diameter.

The fourth and final barrel is approximately 1.5-inches long, also slightly tapered, with a maximum 2.0-inch diameter (51mm).  The final groove or retaining valley is approximately 1.25-inches (31.8mm).  There is also an expanded, approximately 2.0-inch diameter safety base. 

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