this is a normal sized colon tube(enema) with 2 tips
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CT-63DECN Double Ended Silicone Serpentine Colon Nozzle

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We have had several requests for double ended colon tubes. This is our first version in the CT-63 French Scale with Tip A on one end and Tip B on the opposite end. Otherwise, it is exactly like our regular CT-63 in the .825" in diameter. 

This tube now has two uniquely styled tips that will be classified as A and B as seen in the photos. You can choose the style of tips you would like for each end and core diameter or a solid tube with no core if you prefer.

Tip A, is the ribbed ball style. The beginning of the tip has a unique taper into a rib style and then the following balls are approximately .825" diameter.

Tip B, is the smooth tapered style tip. It begins with a gently rounded tip that gradually expands in diameter up to the .825" diameter shaft size.

The #18 material is the only silicone that is available in pure translucent. The #00-50 base color is a translucent white but can be mixed with all our standard color selections. However, they will come out just a little lighter shade due to the base material color being translucent white. This material cannot be mixed to come up with a translucent style light color like the #18 material. 

Our Connector Pack option includes three varying connector sizes that will allow you to connect this tube to any existing equipment or tubing you may already own. Please select yes or no for the additional three pack of connectors for a nominal charge.

We can't guarantee everyone will be able to fully insert the longer selections of these larger diameter tubes as the human anatomy differs with every individual. Therefore, you purchase these items at your own risk. We want everyone to be safe and not do anything that would possibly cause any injury, so please use these appliances with care.

Thank you!

Please feel free to call us or email us with any questions or for our recommendations prior to purchase.

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