CT80-122French 34" Silicone Tapered Rib Serpentine Colon Tube
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CT80-122French 34" Silicone Tapered Rib Serpentine Colon Tube

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Here is another colon tube for which we have had many requests.Customers who wanted a gradually tapering tube with ribs that ended in a thick tube with our new expanded ball retention style flange. This tube starts off with a nicely tapered tip at approximately 1" and then gradually expands to a 1.6" diameter just ahead of the 2.25" double retention balls. It can be ordered with a 7/32" or 1/4" bore or as a solid tube with no center bore. Please let us know your bore size preference when ordering by using the drop down box.

The photo of the short red and translucent white tubes is to show the differences in flexibility between the #12 material in Red, and the #00-50 Plus Soft material in translucent white. I don't recommend ordering anything over 20" in the #12 Silicone as it is really much more firm and not too flexible in this large diameter.

The tube in the photos was made from the #00-50 Plus softness silicone and has an approximate 34" total length with an approximate 32" inch insertable length.  

Our Connector Pack option includes three varying connector sizes that will allow you to connect this tube to any existing equipment or tubing you may already own. Please select yes or no for the additional three pack of connectors for a nominal charge.

We can't guarantee everyone will be able to fully insert the longer selections of these larger diameter tubes as the human anatomy differs with every individual. Therefore, you purchase these items at your own risk. We want everyone to be safe and not do anything that would possibly cause any injury, so please use these appliances with care.

Thank you.

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