Christmas Tree 13 Graduated Cone Style Retention Enema Nozzle
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Christmas Tree 13 Graduated Cone Style Retention Enema Nozzle

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Well, here's one appropriate to the season, when it's Christmas. A nicely shaped five cone style nozzle that allows you to move up into the colon stages. Overall length is 13" and insertable is approximately 11".

First cone is 1" diameter, second cone is 1.5", third cone is 2", forth cone is 2.5 and fifth cone is approximately 2.75". The retention valley increase in diameter as well. The first valley is .5", second is 1", third is 1.3", and forth and final is 1.7" diameter.

 This unique shape lends itself well to retention enemas and is suitable to varying anatomies. This peice should be quite comfortable for those that have problems holding their enema solutions.

It can be ordered with the standard selectible options as Color, Softness/Firmness and Open Core size or in a solid design. This design is quite suitable for varying individual applications. 

Our Connector Pack option includes three varying connector sizes that will allow you to connect this product to any existing equipment or tubing you may already own. Please select yes or no for the additional three pack of connectors for a nominal charge.

Thanks for taking a look at our products and we look forward to fulfilling an order for you.


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