Covidien Dover 1500 Plus Enema Bag Flip Top Slide Closure
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Covidien Dover 1500 Plus Enema Bag Flip Top Slide Closure

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This is a 1,500 Milliliter Plus, or 1.6 quart general purpose enema administration bag kit. It is made up of a long slender and flexible clear transparent plastic bag with attached 24 French 8mm, approximately 1/4" diameter 60" long Harris Flush Style Vinyl Tube.

The business end of the clear vinyl tube has a preformed rounded end with an opening in the center of the tip and one on the side. It is equipped with a pre-lubricated protective tip cover. Kit includes a slide actuated flow control tubing clamp.

This is a great reusable set that is well suited for coffee implant enemas, soap cleansing enemas or plain water enemas. It can be used as is out of the package or the tip of the tubing can be cut off and used with any of our silicone nozzles or colon tubes.

It has a unique slide clamp closure at the top and pre-attached hanger for ease of use.

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