DBLBL - Double Ball Retaining Ball Style Silicone Nozzle

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For those of you who prefer retention style tips or nozzles here is another unique piece for your inspection. With its bulbous tip of 1.4" diameter and smooth shaft out to the second enlarged ball of 1.5" diameter this is a good retention style nozzle. It can be ordered in a very firm material or down to a really soft and flexible silicone.

Total insertable length is approximately 8.5'' with an approximate overall length of 9". The smooth shaft in the center section is approximately 1 1/16" diameter and 4.5" between the ball tip and ball toward the flange. The length between the second ball and the base flange is approximately 1'' and the diameter at the smallest point between the two is .850" or just a little over 3/4" of an inch.

Through the selectable options in the drop list boxes you can choose the level of softness, color and core size to suit your individual taste. Please make note that if you choose #10 softness, it is only available in a trans-white color instead of the pure translucent.

Our Connector Pack option includes three varying connector sizes that will allow you to connect this product to any existing equipment or tubing you may already own. Please select yes or no for the additional three pack of connectors for a nominal charge.


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