Diamond Tip 5" Purple
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Diamond Tip 5" Purple

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This is another really great piece in the diamond tip series. This individual piece is durometer #18 with no bore.

Here is our 5” long, diamond-tipped shaped petite enema nozzle with our stylish ball shaped flared base flange.   It is a slightly larger adaptation of our Slim diamond nozzle (DIAMOND 8-14mm) and very similar in design to our DIAMONDTIP5 nozzle.  This model is 5" long allowing approximately 4" for insertion. It has a unique slim diamond-formed tip and can be configured with an open bore for the flow of enema solution or with no bore at all for a retention style nozzle.  It has a tapering 8mm tip up to a 25mm (approximately 1”) maximum diameter center and then tapers back down to a 17mm retaining valley just before the 1.3" (34mm) flared ball style flange for safety.  The extremely gentle and smooth material is harmless to delicate tissues of the anorectal sphincter and can be used with complete confidence and reception without pain or discomfort.



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