ED-ESS2 Ribbed Exterior 9.5" Long Stimulator Enhancer Sleeve
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ED-ESS2 Ribbed Exterior 9.5" Long Stimulator Enhancer Sleeve

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Again, we have moved into a new category of products and we hope the ES-ESSs2 will become a very popular addition to this product line. It is formulated from our highest quality Platinum based silicones for your comfort and protection and is available in several levels of softness. 

This particular model is approximately 9.5'' long with an outside diameter of 2.1" at its widest points on each end. The ribbed sections are 2.0" in diameter and approximately 1.8" in the valleys. The outer surface and shape have been engineered for a two hand full fisted grip that nicely fits the palm and fingers of either your left, right or both hands simultaneously for a ribbed textured surface to enhance the grip.

The core options are available in the drop list box. There are also smooth plain core options available in different diameters.

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