ED-ESS3 Silky Smooth Exterior 6.5" Long Stimulation Sleeve
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ED-ESS3 Silky Smooth Exterior 6.5" Long Stimulation Sleeve

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Here is the third in our series of stimulation sleeves. This model was designed for those of you who like a soft smooth skin like surface and can be constructed with a unique internal core that you select from the available core options in the drop list boxes. They are shown in the attached photos made up of varying diameters and edges of pronounced ridges, surfaces and valleys that stimulate and produce incredible sensations throughout the circumference and full length of the piece. There are also smooth plain core options available in different diameters. It is formulated from our newest Platinum based silicones and is available in several levels of softness also selectable from the drop list boxes. 

This particular model is approximately 6.5" long with an outside diameter of 1.5" at its widest point and approximately 1.25" at its most narrow point in the mid-section. The outer surface is silky smooth and gently tapers down to the valley in the center.

Both ends of the piece are open. One to resemble the frontal female orifice and the other the anal apex opening. You can get a good idea of the internal design structure from the illustrated photos. We would love to hear from you after you have had a chance to use and evaluate this unique product.

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