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 We do not promote our sleeves to be medical devices or imply in any way they have the ability to cure Erectile Dysfunction. They may, however, help the individual user to attain a sustainable erection prior to intercourse. They may also afford the ability to prolong intercourse with a partner or when used in sessions of personal gratification. The abbreviation E.D., is now found to be a socially accepted common term and we use it as such without any predilection to assert our products can be used as a prosthetic enhancement to reverse the manifestation. We created these pieces purely for personal enjoyment, with the hope that they might also help, in some way, those individuals suffering from E.D.


Our sleeves can be individually constructed to your specific desire of internal geometric surface texture using the drop list selection boxes associated with each product listing. You can select the color and inner sleeve canal style for your desired level of stimulation and comfort. The selectible core designs available for each sleeve are shown in the photos associated with each sleeves description and will help you decide your preference. There are also plain smooth inner sleeve options available in varying diameter sizes. 

The models range from 5.5" to 9.5" long with the outside diameter varying from 2" up to 3" at their widest point and approximately 1.5" at the most narrow point in the mid sections. Some of the outer surfaces of each shape have been carefully engineered to fit the palm and fingers of either left or right handed individuals and also include a varied design of ridges and channels to enhance grip. The exception is the slender ED-ESD3 which is smooth along the entire length of the piece and is more slender in the mid-section than at the ends to allow grip pressure to enhance and give greater control of stimulation sensitivity.

Core A - (Core F is akin to core A for a longer sleeve) Our core A is one of our more popular options, with many ribs that create mini suction pockets for an amazing sensation as you go deeper in! This core has an average length of 6'' and ranges from just under 1.5'' in entrance diameter down to 0.85'' midway and back up to approximately 1.5'' ending which again creates great suction!

Core B - Core B is one of our smallest cores which is great for a really tightening sensation! This piece has a total of 11 balls/ribs with an average diameter of 0.75'' down to 0.55'' in the valleys. Perfect style core if you're really wanting something to hold on to!

Core C - Core C is another smaller style core starting with a 1'' entrance diameter with 0.8'' gripping ribs every 0.5''! 

Core D - Core D is another one of our smaller core designs but with many different diameter ribs and valleys. This core is another favorite but could be a little too small for the more well endowed. It has an average diameter of around 1'' with the tallest point at 1.25'' and the lowest at 0.8''.

Core E -  Our core E is a very popular style core which consists of bulbous style bumps that really create good suction and a "grabby" feel! It starts with a 1.3'' diameter entrance and slowly drops down to 0.8'' midway and back up for an amazing "realistic" feel.

Core F - Core F is made akin to our Core A for our longer sleeves. This piece has smaller ribs in comparison which is an amazing feeling. This core starts at 1.3'' while dropping to 0.8'' and back up to 1.3''.

Core G - Core G is one of our most popular cores. This core ranges in diameters from 1.35" to 0.66" with some aggressive ribs and bumps that will stimulate you straight to begin with. Moving further down the core we get to some more smooth angled, fluted style ribs/pockets for great sensation and suction causing rings! The end is a very tight but accepting elongated pocket at around 0.85".

Core H - Core H is one of our very unique looking cores which contains 3 sections. The first 3'' section goes from 1.3'' to 0.78'' in diameters of valley and ribs. The second 3'' section contains 6 ribs that go up 1.45'' down to 1'' for a great suction texture section. The last 3'' section ranges from 1.3'' to 0.86'' with a nice fluted ball end that makes a great end point! (Due to different lengths of sleeves, some cores may not be fully entailed in the sleeve.)

Core I - Core I is very closely designed to our Core A with a slightly smaller dimension throughout. It is just over 1.2" at the largest diameter down to a gripping 0.67'' midway. 

Core J - Core J is one of our smoother sleeves with some long, smooth ribs that grip well at a diameter of around 0.8'' and pockets up to 1.35'' and a small ribbed section that is great for a suction type grab!

Core K - Core K is fairly similar to our very popular Core G & H but with a larger overall diameter for the bigger crowd. This piece has several nicely shaped ribs and bumps that range is size from 1'' at the smallest insert and around 1.5'' for the suction creating ribs. (We will have pictures of this piece up very soon)