EZ-EM Large Volume Enema Bag Kit
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EZ-EM 1 Liter V-Bag Travel Kit Screw Cap Hose Attachment & Tip

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This is the handy quick EZ-EM 1 Liter Small Volume Enema kit. It's the perfect little kit to carry with you when traveling or great for those times you just want a quick cleanout. 1 Liter is just the right amount to fill the sigmoid colon to effectively flush out the lower colon area. Nice enema administration kit that includes the uniquely styled Triangle shaped flexible vinyl transparent bag with a short length of vinyl tubing. The tubing attaches directly to the screw on cap so you just fill the bag, screw the cap on, hang the bag or just hold it up with your hand and you're ready to go. This bag can also be attached to any of our small to medium sized silicone nozzles for your specific application and need. The kit actually comes with the bag, tubing, flow control clamp and a semi-rigid plastic enema nozzle. It also includes and extra solid cap for prefill and use at a later time. Makes the kit very flexible and applicable to many different uses.

These are great little bag kits that can be used over and over again when properly cleaned and dried. Just clean the entire kit well with soap and rinse well with hot water then hang to dry. After proper and complete drying you can store the kit in a drawer of other convenient location ready to go for your next use.

These bag kits are also excellent for coffee enema administration for those of you who prefer a 1 liter coffee enema. Perfect to fill the descending and sigmoid colon area with coffee for detoxing.

I personally use these on the road and at home for coffee enemas. I hope you like them.


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