EZ-EM Large Volume Enema Bag Kit
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EZ-EM 2.5 Liter Screw Cap Large Volume Enema Kit

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EZ-EM Large Volume Enema set is marked as a 2.5 Liter, or 2.6 quart capacity. It will actually fill to almost 3 quarts and is a general purpose enema administration kit that includes the flexible vinyl transparent bag with attached 5/16" vinyl tubing that goes perfectly with our silicone nozzles. This bag is a little different as it has the screw top cap at the top corner and also includes a standard small barium enema tip and flow regulator clamp. These are exceptional bags and with proper care and cleaning can last for quite some time. These kits are getting hard to find but I'll keep them on the site as long as I can keep sourcing them or something of equal quality.

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