SNC-3LEK Enema Kit with 3 Liter Enema Bag Silicone Nozzle & Hanger
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Enema Kit with 3 Liter Enema Bag Silicone Nozzle

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This is our petite silicone enema nozzle combo with the SNC-3LEK 3 Liter heavy duty Large Volume vinyl enema bag kit. This combo kit includes the sturdy heavy gauge vinyl bag that fills to 3.2 quarts (3000cc or 3 liters) and includes our 5" diamond style tip made out of #18 softness silicone, for beginners just getting into the colon cleansing scene or Coffee Enema Cleansing practice.  



The hanger pictured above, is not in the kit anymore, now they are metal S hooks

This is a very nice starter system for medium to high volume enemas. With proper care and cleaning this combo kit will last for quite some time. The enema bag kit is sealed in a clear poly bag. You simple open the kit, cut off the attached white vinyl tip attached to the tubing and connect the silicone nozzle to the vinyl tubing.

This is also great for coffee enemas as you can see in the photos.

Thank you for choosing!

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