3/4" silicone ring
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Erection Stamina Ring Medium 3/4" Dia Silicone Sensory Ring

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Here is the new Medium diameter erection stamina development ring. This is our 0.75" wide by 0.85" (7/8")  inside diameter prolong stamina sensory ring. It is approximately 0.3" thick and has several application possibilities. See the extra photos attached. An additional application that is not shown is wearing two or more of the very soft rings placed at varying positions on the shaft to enhance penetration on the receivers end.

These can be ordered in #00-30, and #00-50. The #00-30 is super soft and stretchy. #00-50 is still very soft but wil give you a little tighter fit, and the #10 will be just a little tighter still. 

We recommend you get one of each firmness and experiment. Let your imagination be your guide.

Colors and firmness can be selected using the drop list boxes.


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