GRB35-9 Tapered Oval Style Ball 9" Silicone Enema Colon Nozzle
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GRB35-9 Tapered Oval Style Ball 9" Silicone Enema Colon Nozzle

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Here is another superb nozzle for the new or frequent user wanting a ball style nozzle with a smaller sized contoured expansion ball.   This model is great for amateur users, ladies, or small-frame individuals.   The GRB35-9 has a 9” long total length (allowing 7.5” for insertion).  It starts off with the smooth 4.5" long approximately ¾ " diameter (19mm) rounded tapered tip that tapers up to 1” diameter just before the first ¾” (19mm) retaining valley.   The following tapered oval or elliptical retaining ball is approximately 1.4” (35mm) and tapers back to a 0.85” (21.5mm) retaining valley just before the 1.5” safety base flange.  This nozzle can be inserted and maintained at either retaining valley depending on your preferred depth.  

The 9" length can place the tip of the nozzle into the very lower sigmoid colon for a more comfortable filling experience and help in eliminating early cramping. You can select the color, softness level and bore diameter by using the drop down list boxes and get the accurate purchase price for your selections. This nozzle also makes a stimulating massage piece in a solid configuration with no open bore hole.

The #18, #30 and #40 softness selection is the only silicone that is available in pure translucent. The base color of the #10 silicone is a translucent white and can also be mixed with all our standard pigment selections. It will come out just a little lighter than the pigments when mixed with the #18, 30 and 40 translucent silicones. 

Our Connector Pack option includes three varying connector sizes that will allow you to connect this product to any existing equipment or tubing you may already own. Please select yes or no for the additional three pack of connectors for a nominal charge.

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