GRB36-9 Graduated Retaining Ball 9" Unique Color Scheme

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This is another unique color schemed nozzle which comes in an amazing looking white smoke to black swirling effect.  This piece is a no bore and in the #18 durometer. This piece is a really beautiful looking piece that is truly one of a kind. Make this one part of your personal collection! 

Here is a great nozzle for the new or frequent user wanting a retaining ball style nozzle with a smaller sized retaining expansion ball.   This model is great for amateur users, ladies, or small-frame individuals.   The GRB36-9 has a 9” long total length (allowing 7.5” for insertion).  It starts off with the 2.25" long approximate 3/4" diameter (19mm) rounded tapered tip. The first small ball expansion is 1" in diameter (25mm) followed by a 0.7" (17.7mm) valley which is followed by another 1.1" diameter ball (28mm) and 0.75” (19mm) accompanying valley. The final graduated retaining ball is a 1.4” diameter (35.5mm) smooth oval shaped ball with a 1” long accompanying retaining valley of 0.75” (19mm).  The final retaining ball allows for a most comfortable filling experience and will maintain retention during filling and minimize leakage. The multiple graduated balls and valleys allow you options to place the nozzle at your preferred depth.

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