GRBSS122-SH 12" Silicone Ball Retaining Enema Colon Nozzle
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GRBSS122-SH 12" Silicone Ball Retaining Enema Colon Nozzle

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This Grip Retaining Ball, GRB Colon Nozzle is a newly modified version of the GRB-122 at 12" long and 1.6" shaft diameter. The unique feature of this colon nozzle is its newly styled retaining ball just in front of the safety flange at the end. This new modification allows a hands free solution that holds the tube in place following insertion up to the flange while administering the enema solution. This is a similar tip and shaft up to the retaining ball that we use on the CT-122 colon tube with the smooth gently tapered tip. The photos distinctly show the enlarged 2.4" diameter ball and flange with the 1.6" valley between them. The retention valley is approximately 1" long to allow for a comfortable retention of the inner ball.

The total length of this nozzle is approximately 12" tip to tail with an insertable length of 11" which will place the tip of the tube just into the lower sigmoid colon for a more comfortable filling experience and help in eliminating early cramping. When fully inserted the tip should be in the area just below the navel and you should be able to feel it with your fingertips through the abdominal wall of your tummy. 

You can select the color, softness level and bore diameter by using the drop down list boxes to get the accurate final  purchase price for your selections. This tube also makes a stimulating massage piece or plug in a solid configuration with no open bore hole.

The #18 softness selection is the only silicone that is available in pure translucent. The #00-50 and #10 base color is a Translucent White but can also be mixed with all our standard color pigments. It will come out just slightly lighter than the colors mixed with the #18 Translucent material. This material cannot be mixed to come up with a translucent style light color like the #18 Silicone. Sorry, we are trying to source a translucent silicone in the softer material densities. The #18 can also be mixed with just a touch of a color pigment to make the piece into a transparent color. Just tell us you want the color to be the translucent style in the "Special Instructions" box on the last page of the Shopping Cart checkout screen and we will create it for you. 

Our Connector Pack option includes three varying connector sizes that will allow you to connect this product to any existing equipment or tubing you may already own. Please select yes or no for the additional three pack of connectors for a nominal charge.

This is a really exceptional nozzle whether in Solid or Open core configuration.


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