Large Enema Nozzle, Textured Enema nozzle
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Knobby Textured 10" 1 3/4" Nozzle #10 DARK RED OPEN RTS

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  • Item #: Knobby10 #10 DK/RED OPEN RTS
  • Condition: New
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This piece has nothing to prevent the proper functioning of the item.  It features a nice rounded tip for gentle entrance followed by an array of soft little bumps covering the remainder of the shaft out to the safety retention flange. 


Color: Dark Red

Max. Diameter 1.75"

Length: 10.25"

Density:  #10 (Soft)

Open Bore

All densities and measurments are approximate.

There are no defects or trimming marks on this nozzle and its definately a great looking piece.

For a full technical description of the configurable model please click here.

Thank you and enjoy!

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