Large Enema Nozzle, Textured Enema nozzle
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Knobby Textured 10" Silicone 1 3/4" Nozzle RED OPEN RTS

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This "Order Today Ships Tomorrow" nozzle a one of a kind color combination. It has a nice rounded tip for gentle entrance followed by an array of soft little bumps covering the remainder of the shaft out to the safety retention flange. This piece can be used as a nozzle, a massage piece, a plug and can even be mounted into a harness if you like.   


Max. Diameter 1.75"

Length: 10.25"

Density:  #30 (firm).


All densities and measurments are approximate.

There are no defects or trimming marks on this nozzle and its definately a great looking piece.

For a full technical description of the configurable model please click here.

Thank you and enjoy!

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