red and trans knuckler
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We have another great piece being added to the one of a kind section.  This is a Multi-dimensional 10.5'' long ribbed nozzle.  This is a very popular piece and really looks great with this red/trans swirl effect. This piece has a 7/32 bore and is durometer #30. 

The overall length of this nozzle is 10.5" inches with approximately 10" of insertable length to the flared base flange. The ball tip diameter is approximately 0.9" (22.8mm or 68.5 French) and is immediately followed by an accompanying valley or groove diameter of approximately 0.8” (20.3mm or 61 French).

The nozzle section that follows the ball tip has five sets of “knuckles” or enhanced ribs and five accompanying valleys.   Additionally, each rib set has a smaller groove in between.   The first enhanced rib segment has a maximum diameter of 1.2” (30.5mm or 91.5 French) and tapers down to the main valley diameter of 0.95” (24mm or 72 French).   The second enhancement diameter following the tip is 1.3” (33mm or 99 French) and the accompanying valley is 0.9” (22.8mm or 68.5 French).   The third rib set has a maximum diameter of 1.4” (35.5mm or 106.5 French) with an accompanying valley of 1.1” (28mm or 84 French).   The forth rib set has a maximum diameter of 1.45” (36.8 mm or 110 French).    The final flared rib just before the retaining valley is 1.8” (45.72 mm or approximately 137 French).  The retaining valley that is proximal to the flared safety base and is approximately 1.2''.

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