5/16" to 5/16" tubing barb connector
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Nozzle or Colon Tube Hangers

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Over the years we have had many inquiries as to the best way to store or hang the nozzles and colon tubes to dry. Well, here is my answer, the new combo Nozzle & Colon Tube Hanger. Simplistic in design but oh so functional. These are great little hangers that you just push into the opening on the flange end of your nozzle or colon tube and hang it up to dry. Will fit on most shower curtain rods, closet organizers or just about anything the hook can accomodate.

Made of sturdy ABS plastic. The insertion shaft has a gentle serration on two of the sides for gripping and there is an open airway channel down the center of the shaft to allow air to enter from both ends for quicker more sanitary drying. I have tested these little beauties on a 48" colon tube and it has held on quite nicely. No slippage or falling out.

Get one, a couple or even a dozen if you have a lot of pieces to hang and let us know how we might improve on them if possible. They are also great for organization of the many pieces you might have purchased from us or even other suppliers.

The insertion shaft will fit 1/4" to 5/16" diameter bores. Color selection has been discontinued for the time being as we are so busy we are making these in batches of one color for now. You can request a color by putting a message in the "Special Instructions" box on the last page of the shopping cart checkout area. We will try to accomodate your request if possible. If not, we will pick from the color or colors we have available.

We hope you find these effective and helpful.


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