PSP - Silicone Ribbed Retention Style Nozzle
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PSP - Silicone Ribbed Retention Style Nozzle

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We have had several requests over the past months for an enlarged and enhanced version of the very popular Model P and here it is, the Model PSP, for Personally Special Piece. This nozzle was designed to stimulate and help retain the fluid being introduced into the colon in a more comfortable manner. The nozzle in the photos is made of our newest #00-50 extremely soft silicone material and it is in its natural translucent white color. If you order this nozzle in the #00-50 or #10 material we can produce it in all the standard colors but not the pure translucent. The pure Translucent is only available in the #18 material softness. The Translucent White nozzle in the photos is #00-50 and is very soft and comfortable for easy insertion, yet still firm enough to pass through the initial constrictor and slight bend between the rectum and the sigmoid colon. With its multiple sizes of ribs, ridges or donuts as some have called them, in the most optimum positions to help retain your high volume infusions this nozzle should be a welcomed addition to any collection. The Yellow nozzle in the photos was produced in the #18 material softness.

It starts off with a small 7/8" ball style tip that graduates into a 1 1/8" elongated smooth ridge. It then gradually expands out to 1 1/2" for the third ridge followed by a slightly dimenished 1 1/4" valley before expanding back out to another 1 1/2" ridge. The next ridge enlarges up to approximately 2" before shrinking back down to a little over 1" diameter again for a length of 1 1/4". Next, it swells to a full 2 1/2" ball, and then back down to 1 1/4" again before gradually tappering back up to another 1 3/4" ridge that fits just inside the anal sphincter. At the end of the nozzle is a gently tappered both in circumference and length flange that seals the outside of the sphincter opening for a very comfortable fit. An idea of softness of this nozzle is just slightly more firm than a marshmallow that instantly springs back to its original shape. This nozzle would work equally well as an anal plug for extended wear applications.

Overall length of this nozzle is 14 inches. Inside bore diameter is selectable. Our connector pack comes with a varied selection of tubing barb connectors that will accomodate just about any hose or tubing size.

Through the selectable options in the drop list boxes you can choose a softness level, color and core diameter or no core if needed. This nozzle has become one of our most popular models. This one has to be experienced to be believed. Similar configurations can also be found in the Model B and C nozzles.

Our Connector Pack option includes three varying connector sizes that will allow you to connect this product to any existing equipment or tubing you may already own. Please select yes or no for the additional three pack of connectors for a nominal charge.


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