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RMPCLMP Blue 5/16" Roller Style Thin Wall Tubing Control Clamp

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This is a high quality heavy duty ramp style flow control valve that will accommodate from 5/16" to 7/16" outside diameter rubber, silicone or vinyl tubing. It works perfectly on any of our 5/16" thin wall silicone tubing selections. For 5/16" thick wall tubing you should use the Red Ramp Roll Clamp. This flow control devise will accurately control fluid flow in flexible tubing from zero to full flow with the use of the grooved thumb control wheel for adjustment. 

No fittings or cutting required. Simply slide your tubing into the opening between the wheel and the body of the clamp, or remove the roller wheel out the end of the clamp and lay your tubing into the clamp channel. Replace the roller wheel into the end of the clamp and roll into position. Small gear teeth on each end of the center axle shaft of the roller wheel ingage the matching teeth in the slotted channels on each side of the body for precision actuation without slippage. All our ramp clamps and ball style flow control valves are made in the U.S.

All of our roller flow control pieces are color coded for easy size selection.

Yellow - Small

Blue - Medium

Red - Large

White - Large Long

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