RTDL 1.25  P/Y
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RTDL 1.25 P/Y

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This is another great looking piece being added to the one of a kind section.  This piece is durometer #10 with no bore.

Here is the next size up Rectal Training Dilator we have developed as an enema nozzle, the flesh colored piece in the photos. It can also be purchased in a solid version without the open core. There are three larger sizes and one smaller that make up a set of five that can be purchased separately or in a combination set. It is also available in several different Shore A Durometer levels of softness. This nozzle has a nice 4" length and 1.25" diameter enlarged tip that shrinks down to a 1" diameter by 2.25" length shaft that extends out to the 1 3/4" diameter safety flange. With a slender tapered tip that is easily inserted and excellent retention properties for first timers or beginners.

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