Green and white RTDL 2.0
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RTDL 2 Large Rectal Dilator UNIQUE G/W

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This is another unique item that we have available for purchase.  It is the RTDL 2.0, durometer #18 with a 1/4'' bore. 

This nozzle has a nice 5" length and 2" diameter enlarged tip that shrinks down to a 1.75" diameter by 3" length shaft that extends out to the 2.5" diameter safety flange. With a tapered tip that can be comfortably inserted and excellent retention properties. This is a good piece for those of you wanting to maximize your stretching so you can handle those larger nozzles and colon tubes you have been wanting to purchase. Not at all recommended for first timers or beginners without first graduating slowly using the smaller dilators and the use of a lot of lubrication and patience.

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