fluorescent orange to fluorescent green
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This is another really great looking color scheme for our popular RTDL DBL 1.3''.  This piece is a no bore with fluorescent orange starting at the tip which then fades to a fluorescent green. These two colors really look great together! This plug is durometer #18. Make sure to add this unique piece to your collection!

This nozzle has a nice 4.5" length (allowing 4” for insertion) and a maximum 1.3" diameter (33mm) enlarged tapering ellipse style tip.  The accompanying valley is approximately 1” (25.5mm) and is immediately followed by an added 1.1” (28mm) tapering ellipse style bulb just before the 0.9” (25mm) retention valley.   It then tapers out to a 1.75” base safety flange. 

The tapered tip is comfortably inserted and possesses excellent retention properties at the first or second retaining valley. This is a good piece for those of you wanting to do gentle stretching to allow those larger nozzles you have been wanting to try. 

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