5/16" to 5/16" tubing barb connector
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Red X-Long Colon Tube Nozzle Connector Adapter

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We have had several emails and calls from customers having the standard sized connectors we provide with the very soft silicone colon tubes and nozzles coming disconnected and falling out with movement while in use.

To address this issue we have developed our own custom connector and we manufacture it on our 3D printer. In the photos you can see the rings where each layer of plastic is laid down on top of the other and there is some slight ribbing on the surface of the pieces but the integrity of the connectors is quite good. They are very strong and do not leak.

There is a long end and short end to the connector with a flared flange between the two. The longer end is just slightly larger than 7/16" diameter and approximately 2" long. This is the end that should be inserted into the very soft silicone. The opposite end is slightly shorter at approximately 1" and just slightly smaller than 7/16" diameter and should be inserted into your tubing. The barbs on both ends seem very slight but do a very good job of gripping the silicone both on the colon tubes and nozzles as well as the connecting tubing it is being inserted into.

These have been field tested and we have excellent feedback on them.

Thank you.

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