SPD1.1 XL trans  18 7/32

SPD1.1 XL trans 18 7/32

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This is another piece available in overstock. These pieces are translucent in color, durometer #18 with a 7/32 bore.

Available in several different Shore A and Shore 00 Durometer levels of softness should allow you to choose the perfect fit and feel. This nozzle has the longer tapered tip so you can slowly accommodate it at your own pace and should stay in place once inserted.

Total overall length of this nozzle is 3.5". When masterfully inserted you should be retaining approximately 3" of this nozzle. It's long tapered tip of approximately 2" and 1.1" inch maximum diameter should nicely into a smaller rectum thus placing the tip up into the entrance of the sigmoid colon. A very nice nozzle for a beginner.

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