SPD3.0 XL  3 Inch Diameter Super Retention Silicone Nozzle
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SPD3.0 XL 3 Inch Diameter Super Retention Silicone Nozzle

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Here is our extended version of the SPD3.0 large retention enema nozzle that many of you have requested. It has the same 3" diameter but as you can see in the comparison photo is is considerably longer so we have dubbed it the XL. 

Available in several different Shore A durometer levels of softness should allow you to choose the perfect fit and feel. This nozzle has the longer tapered tip so you can slowly accommodate it at your own pace and should stay in place once inserted.

Total overall length of this nozzle is 9". When masterfully inserted you should be retaining approximately 7.5" of this massive instrument. Its long tapered tip of approximately 4" and 3'' inch maximum diameter will completely fill the rectum thus placing the tip up into the entrance of the sigmoid colon.

This nozzle has a more gently tapered slope down into the retention valley shaft with a 1.75" diameter and approximate 2" length. The flange is also more gently tapered out to a 3" diameter to form a more comfortable seal once the nozzle is fully in place.

You can customize this nozzle by using the drop list boxes for color and softness. The bore diameter is also selectable. The final purchase price will be automatically recalculated as you make your selections.

 This piece can also be ordered without an open bore to be used as an enema retention plug or stretching plug if you desire.

The nozzle in the photos was poured in #10 silicone which is quite firm but still somewhat supple and flexible. If you desire a nozzle that is really soft and compressible I would recommend selecting the #00-50 or #00-20 silicone. The #00-20 is the softest and will actually mold itself to the contours of your rectum and the entrance to your sigmoid colon.

As with all our other silicone nozzles, this one is also available in a wide array of material softness and colors. Please make note that the ''00-20 Extra Soft'', "00-50 Plus Soft" and the "10 Soft" silicones are not available in the pure translucent color. They are available in all the other colors including the translucent white material in the drop list. If you accidentally order one of those softness selections with the normal translucent color option, we will automatically substitute the translucent white color instead.

Our Connector Pack option includes three varying connector sizes that will allow you to connect this product to any existing equipment or tubing you may already own. Please select yes or no for the additional three pack of connectors for a nominal charge.

We sincerely hope you like this one.

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