Small urethral sound, 5.5mm in diameter
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SSND 5.5mm 16Fr - Smooth Rounded Tip Silicone Sound

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This is the next step up in size for the very small diameter style urethral stretching inserts. Same high quality durable silicone material as used in all our sounds. With its smooth surface this probe goes in comfortably as it retains microscopic beads of lubrication to enhance the sensation. 

It's diameter is approximately 5.5mm, or 16 French and is now available in a 15'' length with a smooth rounded tip. Due to the small diameter of this sound it is not available with an open core. Solid style only.

The silicone is quite flexible yet still firm enough for a smooth insertion in this small diameter and we offer it in several levels of softness.

This is another great sound for beginners.

You can make your individual selections as to the color and level of softness from the drop list boxes.

Thank you and enjoy!



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