SSND 9.5mm (28.5 French) Medium Diameter Deep Urethral Sound
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SSND 9.5mm (28.5 French) Medium Diameter Deep Urethral Sound

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Here is our 9.5mm (28.5 French) medium diameter smooth body urethral silicone sound. This item was designed as a special request from one of our valued patrons. With its highly polished rounded tip this appliance goes in gently giving just the right sensations all the way along the polished shaft.  It is available in a 20” or 24” insertable length, as a solid style deep urethral probe, without open bore options.

As with all our other silicone nozzles, this one is also available in a wide array of material softness and colors. Please make note that the "00-50 Plus Soft" and the "10 Soft" silicones are not available in the pure translucent color. They are available in all the other colors including the translucent white material in the drop list. If you accidentally order one of those softness selections with the normal translucent color option, we will automatically substitute the translucent white color instead. 

You can make your individual selections as to color, length, and level of softness from the drop list boxes.

Thank you and enjoy!

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