bossele sound
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We have another great addition to the one of a kind section with the very popular BOSSELE.  With its distinctive rounded style ball tip it will get your attention right from the start. This piece is durometer #18 with no bore.  

This exceptional creation has a 9.5'' total length with an approximate 9'' insertable length.  The ball tip is 14.5mm in diameter (43 French) trailed by an 11mm valley before a short 15mm flare. The focus of this piece are the 6 dimensional ribs (16mm/48French) and valleys (14mm/42French) that offer a distinctive sound experience.  The remaining segment of the sound is a 15.5mm (46 French) Flare followed by two 16mm (48French) bulbs before ending at 11mm (33French) valley.  The safety flange extension is approximately 17mm diameter (51French) however not intended for insertion.

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