SSND-DBLRIBEXL 8-10mm 24-30Fr 15" Double Ribbed Silicone Sound
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SSND-DBLRIBEXL 8-10mm 24-30Fr 15" Double Ribbed Silicone Sound

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Here is another unique extended version of our original ribbed flexible urethral stretching insert. It is extra long at approximately 15" with two distinctly styled types of ribs on a single piece. The first ribbed section is exactly like our 8mm (24 French) rounded ball rib sound that is then separated by a short 1" section of a slightly larger diameter 9mm (27 French) smooth shaft that graduates into a more pronounced edge 10mm (30 French) ribbed shaft for the remainder of the sound up to the safety retainer flange. The photos give you a really good idea of the different styles on the shaft. Due to the complexity of the extended length mold this sound can only be produced in a solid version with no open core. 

The silicone material is very flexible in this small diameter no matter which level of softness you select, however, the density or compressibility of the silicone varies with the softness you select. If you want a nice soft very flexible sound, then I recommend the #10 softness selection for this piece. If you want a very flexible sound with more firmness you should select the higher numbers in the softness drop list box. The higher number selection will also make the sound easier to insert. You can see in the photos how flexible this sound really is by the way it bends and turns. For a slightly more firm expanding pressure select the #30 softness option. 

These extended longer sounds were primarily designed for men but can also be used by the ladies. If the sounds are to be used by women, the softer more pliable materials would work quite well in the small 8mm diameter.

As with all our other silicone nozzles, this one is also available in a wide array of material softness and colors. Please make note that the "10 Soft" silicone is not available in the pure translucent color. It is available in all the other colors including the translucent white material in the drop list. If you accidentally order one of those selections with the normal translucent color option, we will automatically substitute the translucent white color instead. 

You can make your individual selections as to color and level of softness from the drop list boxes.



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