SSND-FLORENTINE6 9-11mm 28-32Fr 6" Silicone Urethral Silicone
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SSND-FLORENTINE6 9-11mm 28-32Fr 6" Silicone Urethral Silicone

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This is another version of our most unique High Grade Silicone sound we have designed. This is a shorter 6" version of the full length Florentine with the same unique surface geometries. It starts off with a lengthened rounded ball tip with the fluted indentions on the two flat opposite sides. You can see in the photos the shape that is 9mm thick on two of the parallel sides and 10.5mm thick on the other two parallel sides. Following the squared florette this piece has two completely different surface geometries on the opposite sides. One side is adorned with fluted X's and smaller inserts. The opposite side is a slightly raised flat surface that is approximately 4" long. The piece ends with another florette with a short post through the center that acts as a unique safety over insertion flange.

This probe can be purchased with open core for extended length wear to accomodate drainage or with a completely solid configuration.

You can make your individual selections for color, level of softness, open core bore diameter or solid core type from the drop list boxes.

As with all our other silicone nozzles, this one is also available in a wide array of material softness and colors. Please make note that the "00-50 Plus Soft" and the "10 Soft" silicones are not available in the pure translucent color. They are available in all the other colors including the translucent white material in the drop list. If you accidentally order one of those two softness selections with the normal translucent color option, we will automatically substitute the translucent white color instead. 

The softer, compressible and more flexible pieces will take a little longer to get all the way in but will be extremely enjoyable. The more firm pieces will go in more quickly but beware, the tips on the florettes will induce much more stimulation.

Enjoy, and please let us know what you think of this unique design!

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