SSND-MRB 10-14mm - 30-40Fr 15" Unique Ribbed Silicone Sound
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SSND-MRB 10-14mm - 30-40Fr 15" Unique Ribbed Silicone Sound

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We have another Multi-Dimensional flexible urethral sound that has a unique hold-in-place valley, or groove, at the end next to the flange that can be clearly viewed in the photos. With its uniquely double tapered and rounded style tip it will get your attention right at the beginning. The first rib is the largest so that it will be very stimulating as it moves down the urethra and nestles into the midpoint of the shaft. The following ribs vary in length and diameter for the next 13'' before reaching the elongated retention valley just in front of the flared safety flange. The total insertable length is approximately 14.5". (368mm) This probe can be purchased with open core for extended length wear to accommodate drainage or with a completely solid configuration.

The sound has 18 separate ribs that vary not only in diameter but shape and length including the rounded tapered tip. The first rib at the tip is approximately 14.5mm. It is then followed by the other 17 ribs all approximately 14mm in diameter and vary in length from 12mm to 14.7mm.  There is a valley between each rib which is approximately 10mm in diameter and 4.5mm in length. The flange at the end is approximately 1/2" in length. 

This sound should be extremely comfortable yet still quite stimulating for extended wear if that is what you desire. The #00-50 softness is really nice when you want a sound that is compressible and will continuously stretch the urethra outward while inserted. Bear in mind this very soft, worm like silicone takes a little more lube and a little more time and effort to get inserted but is well worth the experience and sensations.

 As with all our other silicone nozzles, this one is also available in a wide array of material softness and colors. Please make note that the "00-50 Plus Soft" and the "10 Soft" silicones are not available in the pure translucent color. They are available in all the other colors including the translucent white material in the drop list. If you accidentally order one of those two softness selections with the normal translucent color option, we will automatically substitute the translucent white color instead. 

You can make your individual selections as to color, level of softness, and open or solid core type from the drop list boxes.





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