SSND-PA75  9-11mm - 27-33Fr 7.5" Prince Albert Silicone Sound
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SSND-PA75 9-11mm - 27-33Fr 7.5" Prince Albert Silicone Sound

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This is our Prince Albert style silicone sound creation in a 7.5" long multidimensional design. With its approximate 9mm rounded tip this piece is easily inserted and after an 8mm valley expands back out to the first 11mm oval expansion. Following another 8mm valley the piece expands again out to the second 11mm oval. It then tapers down to a 7mm valley and then back out to a 10mm oval. Back down once again to another 7mm valley and then back out to the final 10.5mm oval just in front of the PAW retaining post. The retaining post is approximately 18mm, or 3/4" long with a 7mm, or 1/4" ball tip and 5mm diameter connecting shaft that is approximately 10mm long. We are very anxious to get some of these into customers hands so we can get your feedback and comments. The shorter version is also available in another listing.    

The piece in the photos was produced using the #00-50 silicone compound and is very soft and flexible. It should be quite functional, comfortable and very pleasurable. We can also pour these pieces in various levels of softness selectible from the drop list boxes. The #10 silicone compound is about mid point in softness between the #12 and the #00-50. The #00-50 is similar in softness to the artificial fishing worms used by fishermen.

You can make your individual selections as to color, level of softness, and open or solid core type from the drop list boxes. 


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