SSND-STRTCH4mm Silicone 12Fr Sound with Stretching Sleeve

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Here is another new small 4mm diameter urethral stretching insert sound. This model, however, incorporates a 1.5" long stretching sleeve just ahead of the expanded safety flange. The expansion sleeve diameter starts at approximately 6mm and gradually expands up to 8mm. We had requests for a very small sound for those of you with extra small urethral diameters but wanted to be able to also accomodate a section for stretching the initial entrance to the urethra at the tip. The smooth surface of this probe, properly lubed, will glide in easily and comfortably. With gentle consistant pressure the expanded sleeve should help stretch the first sphincter found just inside the entrance to the urethra.

It's diameter is 4mm, or 12 French with an insertable length of approximately 10.5" and 12" including the stretching sleeve. It has a gently rounded style tip that will offer supreme comfort while at the same time present you with a high level of sensation. Due to the small diameter of this sound it is not available with an open core. Solid style only.

The silicone is quite flexible yet still firm enough for a smooth insertion in this small diameter and we offer it in several levels of softness.

You can make your individual selections as to the color and level of softness from the drop list boxes.

Thank you and enjoy!

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