Shower Shooter 13" Silicone Ringed Bumps Enema Colon Nozzle
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Shower Shooter 13" Silicone Ringed Bumps Enema Colon Nozzle

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  • Item #: SHWRSHTR-13
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Here is the medium length in our Shower Shooter series. These are great pure Platinum Silicone nozzles that come with attached threaded connector ready to instantly attach to your shower hose. Naturally, this new piece is for the shower minded user wanting a pleasing and functional nozzle with slightly modulated expanded rings up to a gently enlarged retention area at the flange to be able to use it hands free. Perfect for the newbies and ladies as well. The diameter is perfectly sized for everyone with a 3/4" diameter 2.5" long smooth tip. The tip is followed by eight .85" expansion ribs for just the right amount of stimulation. They are followed by the elongated retention area at 1" diameter, immediately followed by a 3/4" diameter valley. Just the right size for the anus to contract around and hold the nozzle in place once fully inserted.

The 13" length can place the tip of the tube just above the lower sigmoid flexure up into the sigmoid colon section for a more comfortable filling experience and help in eliminating early cramping. You can select the color, softness level and bore diameter by using the drop down list boxes and get the accurate purchase price for your selections. This tube also makes an awesome stimulating massager while being moved in and out during filling, and in a solid configuration with no open bore hole.

This nozzle in #18 and #30 silicone is available in a variety of colors including clear translucent. These are the best softness selection for this length of nozzle to help combat kinking and fold back during insertion. This nozzle has it all, you will be amazed.


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