Shower Shooter 9" Ringed Bumps #10 BLUE OPEN RTS
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Shower Shooter 9" Ringed Bumps #10 BLUE OPEN RTS

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  • Item #: SHOWRSHTR 9" #10 BLUE OPEN RTS
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  Here is a 9" version in our Shower Shooter series. These are great pure Platinum Silicone nozzles that come with a threaded connector ready to instantly attach to your shower hose. 


This item has an open bore which is slightly off center on the flange end, however there is nothing to prevent it from functioning as intended.


Color: Blue


 Length: 9"


 Max Diameter: .85"  


Open Bore


 Density: #10 (Soft)


 All measurements and densities are approximate.


For a full technical description of the configurable model please click here!

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