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Silicone Adjustable Keeper Ring 0.5" I.D. For Enema Nozzle/Tube

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Adjustable Keeper Rings, to be used in conjunction with our silicone nozzles and colon tubes. Designed to be placed at any position on the enema nozzle or colon tube, they act as retaining rings or barrels to keep the nozzle or tube in the position or depth you prefer. They can be moved and adjusted over and over. They are positioned on the nozzle or tube when both pieces have been cleaned and thoroughly dried, the silicone ring will securely attach itself to the silicone nozzle or tube and form a seal that will adequately keep the ring in place while inserting and removing for ultimate security and satisfaction. They really work quite well and will keep the nozzle or tube exactly where you want it to stay. Works equally well on all our nozzles and colon tubes of varying shapes and sizes. You can place them on the smooth shaft to form a bump or you can place them on a bump or rib to make it larger. The possibilities are endless. 

This is one of our smaller ¾” Length, 0.5” inside diameter keeper rings that can be used on our medium to large diameter nozzles and colon tubes that are at least 0.5" in diameter or larger. It creates a 1/4" to 5/16" diameter bump or expansion when placed on the nozzle or tube.

You should always make sure the ring or rings you purchase are just a little smaller in diameter than the nozzle or colon tube you intend to use it on to form a good tight seal and stay in place.

These can be ordered in #00-20, #00-50, and #10. The #00-20 is very soft and stretchable, the #00-50 is soft and stretchy while the #10 is fairly firm but still quite stretchable. 

Colors and firmness can be selected using the drop list boxes.




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